Put the verb in brackets in the correct tense, Present Pefect Simple or Present Pefect Continuos

I’m exhausted. I (1. work) all the morning.
How many exercises (2. you/correct)?
I (3. correct) fity more or les..

I (4. paint) the living room for a week. It’ll be finished soon.

My neighbours are always quarreling and shouting at each other. They (5. have) five rows this week.

I know that someone (6. eat) my sandwich! It’s nearly gone

You are really dirty! Look at your clothes! What (7. you, do)?

I (8. try) to lose weight for ages. I (9. lose) ten pounds so far.

Tricia is getting married to Arthur next September.
Really? How long (10. they/know) each other?


Row: (informal) argument (ES: pelea)


1) have been working
2) have you corrected
3) have corrected
4) have been painting
5) have had
6) has been eating
7) have you been doing
8) have been trying
9) have lost
10) have the been knowing