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Learn English with your favorite songs. Learn the hidden meaning of the songs, the vocabulary and expressions that are used in the songs you like best.

Learn playing, fill in the gaps of the missing song. Listen to each part of the song as many times as you want to practice your listening. You will find different levels!

Learn which expressions are used in each song. Search for songs classified by tags or by genres.

Enjoy learning english with melodicpop

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Aprende inglés con tus canciones favoritas. Conoce el significado oculto de las canciones, el vocabulario y expresiones que usan en las canciones que más te gustan.

Accede a la traducción manual y revisada de cada una de las canciones.

Aprende jugando rellenando los huecos de la canción que faltan. Escucha cada parte de la canción tantas veces como quieras para practicar tu oído. Encontrarás distintos niveles!

Conoce qué expresiones se usan en cada canción. Busca canciones tipificadas por etiquetas o por géneros.

Que aprender sea divertido con melodicpop

MelodicPop helps you to learn and improve your foreign languages skills, through the music videos and the lyrics

Learn new vocabulary and expressions, and reinforce grammar concepts

Train your brain almost unconsciously and improve your capacity to recognize sounds and words of a foreign language

MelodicPop is also a community of music lovers who discuss interpretations, and connect over songs and artists they love!

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