Everybody Hurts


playWhen the day is long
playAnd the night, the night is yours alone
playWhen you're sure you've had enough
playOf this life, well hang on

playDon't let yourself go
play'Cause everybody cries
playAnd everybody hurts sometimes

playSometimes everything is wrong
playNow it's time to sing along
playWhen your day is night alone
play(Hold on, hold on)
playIf you feel like letting go
play(Hold on)
playIf you think you've had too much
playOf this life, well hang on

play'Cause everybody hurts
playTake comfort in your friends
playEverybody hurts

playDon't throw your hand, oh no
playDon't throw your hand
playIf you feel like you're alone
playNo, no, no, you are not alone

playIf you're on your own in this life
playThe days and nights are long
playWhen you think
playyou've had too much of this life to hang on

playWell, everybody hurts sometimes
playEverybody cries
playAnd everybody hurts sometimes
playAnd everybody hurts sometimes

playSo hold on, hold on
playHold on, hold on, hold on,
playhold on, hold on, hold on
playEverybody hurts

playNo, no, no, no you are not alone

Play with the song, fill the gaps


This is an anti-suicide song. Berry wanted to reach out to people who felt they had no hope.

In the video, Stipe is portrayed among drivers stuck in an extremely Texas traffic jam, each with troubles on his mind, all of these conveyed in subtitles.

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