“I tried to write something that was soul-oriented,”


Every day here you come walking
I hold my tongue, I don't do much talking
You say you're happy and you're doin' fine
Well go ahead, baby, I got plenty of time

Because sad eyes never lie
Because sad eyes never lie

Well for a while I've been watching you steady
Ain't gonna move 'til you're good and ready
You show up and then you shy away
But I know pretty soon you'll be walkin' this way

Because sad eyes never lie
'Cause sad eyes never lie

Baby don't you know I don't care
Don't you know that i've been there
Well if something in the air feels a little unkind
Don't worry darling, it'll slip your mind

I know you think you'd never be mine
Well that's okay, baby, I don't mind
That shy smile's sweet, that's a fact
Go ahead, I don't mind the act
Here you come all dressed up for a date
Well one more step and it'll be too late
Blue blue ribbon in your hair
Like you're so sure I'll be standing here

I guess sad eyes never lie
I guess sad eyes never lie

I guess sad eyes never lie
Sad eyes never lie
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I've been there

It is common expression to mean that someone's gone through something similar to your circumstance.
2 girls talking to each other, one says," I always pick the wrong guy." The other responds by saying, "I've been there (before)."

Show Up

informal (arrive, be present)
If a guy who you know likes you and he shows up to your work does that mean he likes you more than you think?
My ex showed up at my house

Slip your mind

If something slips your mind, you forget it
I was meaning to call you but it totally slipped my mind


To suppose