I signed up for the gym today


One of the best ways to stay healthy and fit is to exercise regularly. Not only will you look better, but you will feel great and your health will thank you.
I signed up for the gym today. In my induction they asked me what I want to do (like tone, lose weight ect) and then they gave me a program. It took about half hour.

At this moment I was thinking of all the fun expressions and phrasal verbs that are used in English to describe different types of exercises. Below you will find a description of equipment you can find at the gym, vocabulary and expressions:

Get in shape

Most people who go to the gym want to “get in shape“. It means to have a good body, and also to feel healthy. They want to breathe easier, be able to walk or run for a longer time, they want to feel good about their physical condition. (ES: ponerse en forma).

We could also use the prashal verb: “Shape Up“.

You Are The One That I Want - Grease

Another expression is “Be out of shape“: Not physically healthy enough for difficult exercise because you have not been involved in physical activities. (ES: estar de baja forma física)

“When I started this dance class, I was really out of shape.”

  • To be in good shape
  • Be out of shape
  • Shape up
  • Get in shape


In good shape, feel healthy (ES: en forma)

“She goes to the gym every day and is very fit“.


Some people want to get “toned”. They want some lines, showing muscles, a little bit less showing fat. (ES: tonificado)

Cut == Lean

Adjective describing someone that has well-defined muscles. You see all the lines where all the muscles are or should be, because you’ve worked out a lot.

Shredded == Ripped

Very very cut : means well defined muscles especially in the arms and abs (ES: musculado)

Six Pack abs

Well defined abdominal muscles in the configuration of a six pack of canned drinks. (ES: tableta chocolate)

six pack abs

Six pack abs / Abdominales definidos

“He took off his shirt to reveal a well-defined six pack.”

Bag of bones

An extemely thin person; looking skeletal and unhealthy (ES: Saco de huesos)

He was a bag of bones before he started working out to build his bod up a little

To Work Out

When you do exercise, you can say you are going to “work out”. This is an American expression but we also use it in Britain too. (ES: hacer ejercicio)

“I’m going to the gym tonight to work out. I need to exercise after eating too many ice-creams!”


– Exercise (ES: ejercicio, entrenamiento)


Spare Tire

a bulge of fat around the waist (cintura)

Love Handles

The areas of extra fat that hang or slightly bulge from the sides, and are also the little rolls on the lower back


Anatomy: thigh joint. A projection of the pelvis and upper thigh bone on each side of the body in human beings and quadrupeds (ES: cadera)


The part of the human body below the ribs and above the hips, often narrower than the areas above and below. (ES: cintura)

What can you do at the gym?

Stretching == Warm up

stretching muscles

Stretching / Estirar o Calentar

I need to stretch my legs before I run the race



To Pump iron

To lift weights (ES: levantar pesas)

Push ups

Push ups are when you push your body up and down while you face the ground


Pushups / Flexiones

Pull ups

When you pull your body up off the ground, it is called a chin up or a pull up. Exercise for upper body (ES: dominada)


Pullups / Dominada


Physical exercise. Crouch or sit with one’s knees bent and one’s heels close to or touching one’s buttocks or the back of one’s thighs. (ES: sentadilla)


Squats / Sentadilla


Propel a boat using oars. (ES: remar)

Riding a stationary bike or exercising on a rowing machine are examples of resistance training.


It is short of “Repetitions”. A rep (or repetition) is a single movement of any exercise (ES: Repeticiones)


Set(s): A set is a series of reps of an exercise done in sequence (usually without rest). (ES: Serie)

So how much do I rest between sets?

Gym Equipment


Walking or running machine. This is a machine where you stand on. It’s like a belt. (ES: cinta para correr)

Tread mill

Tread mill / Cinta para correr




Elliptical / Elípitica


A short bar with a weight at each end, used typically in pairs for exercise or muscle-building (ES: pesa)


Dumbbell / Mancuernas



Barbell / Pesas




Medicine Ball

Exercise Ball

Exercise Ball

Exercise Ball / Pelota de Ejercicio



Mat / Colchoneta

Core : (ES: músculos del torso)
Abs: Abdominal muscles (ES músculos abdominales)
Personal Training: (ES: entrenador)

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