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Art for Art’s sake

Fill each of the numbered blanks with one suitble word: When the Stone of Destiny came back to Scotland, it was the culmination of a 700-year campaign to (1) it returned. The Stone, which...

“Make” or “Do”? 0

“Make” or “Do”?

Complete each sentence with the correct form of “make” or “do”. Make sure you use the correct tense ! 01 What do you  for a living? – I’m a dentist 02 He a big...

Use of English 0

Use of English

Read the following passage and choose the correct word to use in each blank. Sugar was for a long time a luxury and in the opinion of the medical profession it still should be....

One word only 0

One word only

The Hitchhiker It was a very wet and windy day and David Williams was (0) soaked to the skin (1) he stood at the side of the road (2) to hitch a lift. (3)...