“Make” or “Do”?


Complete each sentence with the correct form of “make” or “do”. Make sure you use the correct tense !
01 What do you  for a living? – I’m a dentist
02 He a big mistake when he changed his job
03 You look very tired. Would you like me you a cup of coffee/
04 What have I with handbag? I can’t find it anywhere!
05 I haven’t got a $20 note. Will two $10 notes ?
06 Why does it take them so long decisions?
07 They fun of him whenever he wore his new hat
08 That will , children! You’ve giving me a terrible headache!
09 Why does she such a fuss of him?
10 What have you to this table cloth? It’s got some kind of red liquid all over it!
11 Don’t forget to your hair before you go out
12 Could you me a favour? Please drive me to town
13 This car is very economical. It 40 miles to the gallon
14 He had difficulty his way through the crowd
15 It’s very important to a good impression at this meeting
16 Please sure you’ve switched off all the lights before you leave
17 This room could with a good clean
18 Please sit down and yourself at home
19 Don’t have anything to with him. He can’t be trusted
20 When he was younger, he a fortune selling clothes
21 I think the answer is 2,376. What do you it?
22 how would you like your steak ? – Medium, please
23 He so much noise that he woke her up
24 She wasn’t very happy about without sugar in her coffee
25 The new manager some changes as soon as he arrived
26 it doesn’t matter I your don’t come first as long as you your best
27 I want to a phone call. Have you got any change?
28 How did you in your exame? – Quite well, I think
29 have a nice cup of tea. It will you good
30 Take this medicine. It will you better
31 What time do you it? – Nearly six o’clock
32 Be quite! Don’t a sound!


1) do (make a living)
2) made
3) make
4) done
5) do
6) to make
7) made
8) do (ES: basta ya)
9) make
10) done
11) do
12) do
13) made
14) making
15) make
16) make
17) do
18) do (ES: no le vendría mal)
19) do
20) made
21) do
22) made
23) made
24) do
25) made
26) do
27) make
28) do
29) do
30) make
31) make
32) make

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