Multiple Choice

Choose the right answer:

1. Both, Sheila and Tom, came ‘flu, so we had to put off the holidays.

a) in for
b) down with
c) down on
d) up with

2. A is a gossip who wants to know everything that happens to you.

a) wet blanket
b) couch potato
c) rolling stone
d) nosy parker


4. She fainted but came after a while


Put off: Delay until later (ES: posponer)
Gossip: Informal talk (ES: chisme, cotilla)
Wet Blanket: person who ruins others’ fun (ES: aguafiestas)
Couch Potato:
Nosy Parker: (ES: entrometido)
Faint: lose consciousness (ES: desmayarse)


1. B
2. D
3. A

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