1. Some people say that Tsiolkovsky invented the space rocket (CREDITED)

2. I daren’t turn on the TV because the baby might wake up (FEAR)

3. Some people would do anything to lose weight (LENGHTS)

4. The river Volta overflowed last year (BURST)

5. He doesn’t appreciate his wife (GRANTED)

6. William decide that an actor’s life was not for him (CUT)

7. The President arranged for me to use his chauffer-driven car whenever I liked (DISPOSAL)

8. My cat has lost its appetite (OFF)

9. The children made every effort to please their father (BEST)

10. His behaviour was rather a shock to me (ABACK)


Tsiolkovsky is credited as inventor of the space rocket
Tsiolkovsky is credited with having invented the space rocket

I daren’t turn on the TV for fear waking the baby up/waking up the baby
I daren’t turn on the TV for fear that the baby wakes up

Some people would go to any lenghts to lose weight (hacer todo lo posible)

The river Volta burst its banks last year

He takes his wife for granted

(take sth for granted == dar algo por sentado)
(take sb for granted == no apreciar a esa persona)


William decided that he wasn’t cut out to be an actor (estar hecho)
William decided that he wasn’t cut out for being an actor


The President put his chauffer-driven car at my disposal

My cat has got off the food
(go off sth/ go off sb == te deja de gustar) Example: Mary has gone off Peter.

The children did their best to pleasure their father

His behaviour took me abackĀ  (take sb aback == sorprender)
I was taken aback by his behaviour

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