New Year's Day


playAll is quiet on New Year's Day.
playA world in white gets underway.
playI want to be with you, be with you night and day.
playNothing changes on New Year's Day.
playOn New Year's Day.

playI... will be with you again.
playI... will be with you again.

playUnder a blood-red sky
playA crowd has gathered in black and white
playArms entwined, the chosen few
playThe newspaper says, says
playSay it's true, it's true...
playAnd we can break through
playThough torn in two
playWe can be one.

playI... I will begin again
playI... I will begin again.

playOh, oh. Oh, oh. Oh, oh.
playOh, maybe the time is right.
playOh, maybe tonight.

playI will be with you again.
playI will be with you again.

playAnd so we are told this is the golden age
playAnd gold is the reason for the wars we wage
playThough I want to be with you
playBe with you night and day
playNothing changes
playOn New Year's Day
playOn New Year's Day
playOn New Year's Day

Play with the song, fill the gaps


The lyrics, in fact, refer to the persecuted leader of the Polish Solidarity movement, Lech Walesa. Coincidentally, after the song was released Poland announced that they would abolish martial law.

play The player plays from the time specified

Lyrics in blue Chorus

vocabulary Vocabulary

get underway


  1. Digital Age gets underway in Kingston



  1. we can share the information we have gathered


figurative (intertwine, twist together)

  1. In this we can see an example of how subtly ethics and biology are entwined.

wage war

engage in warfare

  1. The Royal Navy waged war against French

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