Pet Shop Boys

Single - Bilingual


playThey call this a community
playI like to think of it as home
playArriving at the airport
playI am going it alone
playOrdering a boarding pass
playTravelling in business class
playThis is the name of the game

playI'm single, bilingual
playSingle, bilingual

playI come to the community
playFrom U.K. p.l.c.
playArriving at my hotel
playthere are faxes greeting me
playStaying in a junior suite
playSo there's room to meet and greet
playand after work explain how I feel
play'Perdoneme me llamo Neil'

playI'm single, bilingual
playSingle, bilingual

playIn Brussels, Bonn or Barcelona
playI'm in demand and quite at home there
play'Adelante!' Through the door
play'Un momento, por favor'
playThis is what I get paid for
play'Muchas gracias, senor'

playI'm a player in the continental game
playWith unlimited expenses to reclaim
playInformation's easy
playtapping at my pc
playThat is the frame of the game

playI'm single, bilingual
playSingle, bilingual
playI'm single, bilingual
playSingle, bilingual

play'Hay una discoteca por acqui?'

Play with the song, fill the gaps


Neil has himself provided:

"The narrator is a very glib Euro businessman, a glib Eurocrat who flies business class and likes all his privileges. He tries to pick up chicks at meet 'n' greets. He's pretending to be a sophisticated ladies man: 'Single! Bilingual!'. But he's not really communicating either and he knows it. In actual fact he's a hopeless, tragic wreck."

play The player plays from the time specified

Lyrics in blue Chorus

vocabulary Vocabulary

Tapping at my PC

That is, typing on his personal computer (probably a laptop). The use of the words "tapping at" rather than "typing on" suggest the narrator's glib (to use Neil's own terminology) or even mildly disdainful attitude toward the activity.

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