3 stacks, new Flashcards app


Flashcards are a great way to learn vocab words because they force you to study actively. They naturally aid repetition, a key for study. Nobody remembers everything from the first try. Our brain takes up to 20% of the entire energy the human body consumes, so memory is naturally lazy.

We have created an app for android for working with flashcards. It is called “3 stacks


3 Stacks, Now in google play

3 Stacks, Now in google play

If you don’t know the definition of a particular word, put it in a “Struggled” stack.

Pick up your “Struggled” stack. For words where you know the definition, place them in the second stack “Learning” stack” next to the “Know It” stack.

Repeat this process, placing the words in the stack you best consider.


Download it now!!

3 Stacks Google Play

3 Stacks Google Play

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