Rewrite the sentences:

1) Mrs. Scott is proud of her cooking.

2) It was the goalkeeper who saved the match for us.

3) It wasn’t a bit surprised to hear that Karen had changed her job.

4) You can try to get Tim to lend you his car but you won’t succeed.

5) John didn’t celebrate until he received the offer of promotion in writing.

6)I don’t really like her, even though I admire her achievements


Pride yourself on [sth]: be proud (ES: enorgullecerse de..)
Come as no surprise: To be completely unsurprising
Not until
When a sentence begins with the phrase not until, the subject and auxiliary verb in the first clause, immediately after not until, are not inverted. However, in the second clause, the subject and auxiliary verb are inverted (“did he celebrate”).
Much as: although (ES: aunque)


1) Mrs. Scott prides herself on her cooking
2) If it hadn’t been fot the goalkeeper, we would have lost the match
3) It came as no surprise to me to hear thar Karen had changed her job
4) There’s no point in trying to get Tim to lend you his car but you won’t succeed
5) Not until John had received the offer of promotion did he celebrate
6) Much as I admire her achievements, I don’t really like her

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